How To Create A Business Account

This is a quick start guide to getting your eWaterford business listing.

To start a new Business registration on Waterford visit:

(If you have already registered as a customer, please click here to upgrade to a vendor account)

1. Please click “I am a vendor“.

2. Submit your details by clicking the Register button

  • Email address = this should be the email address your customers can contact you at.
  • Shop URL = this will be your dedicated shop page on

You will be brought to your Dashboard.

4. Here you will set up your company store page.

Store Category – Please email or call 083 851 8518 if you would like me to add a missing category for your business.

Don’t forget to drop a pin on the map!

Click Update Settings on the bottom of the page to save your edites.


Head on over to The Business List and check out your store.

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